INSPEC INC. finds technologies that supports people lives.

Company Information Message and Management Philosophy


INSPEC offers the best solutions to the evolving needs based on the latest technology that has been built up for a long time as an R&D-oriented manufacturer and a lot of unique know-how.

We have provided a number of appearance check machines mainly for semiconductor package substrate manufacturers since its launch as an inspection equipment manufacturer that developed lead frame inspection equipment in 1995 (Heisei 7). During this time, the miniaturization of semiconductors has made great progress, and the technology of INSPEC has continued to evolve greatly by responding quickly to the inspection needs of the miniaturized package substrates. Today's technology world is in the midst of a historical period of transition such as the evolution of AI, the explosive spread of IoT and rapid progress of automatic driving, and the needs of their inspection are also steadily expanding with the evolution of semiconductors and related electronic devices. INSPEC will go ahead of these needs more than ever and contribute to the development of society through the provision of optimal solutions.

President and Representative Director:Masashi Sugawara

To Future…

INSPEC aims for offer only one solution in the global market and number one CS (customer satisfaction), and it will continue to take up new challenges with courage. We believe that continuously taking up new challenges is the only way to open doors to new future.

Management Philosophy

Contribute to development and welfare of the society. This is the objective of INSPEC group and also the pleasure of employees. For achieving this objective, we will always think and we will continue bold actions and tireless efforts, and we will aim for our happiness.

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