INSPEC INC. finds technologies that supports people lives.

Company Information Message and Management Philosophy


As a research and development oriented manufacturer, we work on the most cutting edge and high-end technical domains, and we aim to become a unique company in the entire world.

In 1995, from the company that was so far engaged in production of electronic components, we identified the high-end requirements and transformed into research and development oriented business in terms of development and production of visual inspection equipment of semiconductor package board and printed board. Since then, as a result of taking up several challenges with respect to the requirements of visual inspection of advanced semiconductor package board and printed boards, we could obtain very high technologies and know-how of visual inspection. IT technologies have entered a new stage now, and smart phone, tablet PC and various forms of wearable devices have shown large possibilities. Electronic companies that would support these devices are continuously becoming dense and sophisticated, and visual inspection that supports the quality of devices have to play more important role now. INSPEC will firmly respond to such inspection requirements, and as an important tool that supports the evolution of new devices, we will contribute by putting all our efforts to further evolution of the IT field.

President and Representative Director:Masashi Sugawara

To Future…

INSPEC aims for offer only one solution in the global market and number one CS (customer satisfaction), and it will continue to take up new challenges with courage. We believe that continuously taking up new challenges is the only way to open doors to new future.

Management Philosophy

Contribute to development and welfare of the society. This is the objective of INSPEC group and also the pleasure of employees. For achieving this objective, we will always think and we will continue bold actions and tireless efforts, and we will aim for our happiness.

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