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Information Security Policy

INSPEC's Information Security Policy

1. Initiatives for information security

The Company understands that information security is one of the most important management and business issues, and we shall appropriately manage the information assets and continuously improve the same.

2. Adherence to laws and ordinances (establishing compliance)

The Company shall adhere to laws and ordinances related to information security, established standards, and other rules, and the Company shall work on building and ensuring information security compliant to the same.

3. Protection of information assets

The Company shall appropriately management for ensuring secrecy, completeness and availability of information assets, and the Company shall strive to protecting information assets from all threats.

4. Education and training

In addition to enhancing awareness of executive officers and employees for information security, the Company shall conduct education and training regarding information security and compliance.

5. Prevention of accidents and resolution

The Company shall strive to prevent occurrence of information security accidents. In the unlikely event of occurrence of any accident, the Company shall take appropriate measures for including prevention of recurrence.

President and Representative Director
Masashi Sugawara

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