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Using IR Information

IR information published on this website is for the purpose of offering financial information and management indicators of INSPEC INC. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). However, the Company doesn't make any representation or warranty regarding this information.
Besides, information is not published on this website for the purpose of inviting investments. While making investment, please refrain from making investment decisions by solely relying on the information provided on this website. Please make investment related decision based on your own discretion.

Information published on this website

While we have taken a lot of precaution regarding the information published on this website. However, in the event of any mistake in the information published here, or with regard to damage incurred due to alteration of data by a third party or by downloading the data, the Company shall not have any responsibility whatsoever irrespective of the circumstances.

Future outlook

A part of the information published on this website includes description regarding future financial forecast. Such description doesn't guarantee future financial performance, and it is filled with risk and inaccuracies. Please note that future financial performance may differ from the actual results due to change in environment.

Operation of this website

Operation of this website may be interrupted, suspended, or its contents may change without any notice. Besides, you may not be able to correctly use this website depending on the communication environment, status of your computer, and other reasons. Please note that the Company shall not assume any responsibility whatsoever for troubles, damage, and losses incurred due to this.

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