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Minimum detection defect size 10μm~

AV3300 is a high-performance AVI that can detect minimum 10μm of defect.


Inspection time(※)

・Please contact us regarding inspection time.

Workpiece size

Maximum workpiece size 610mm×610mm


Option Built-in review camera
Loader & unloader

Equipment dimensions

Equipment dimensions (mm) W=1228, D=2057, H=1606 Weight:1500Kg
① Signal tower mounted on the top of equipment is not included in the dimension (H).
②Mounting angle of monitor/keyboard/mouse mounted on SX5300 is such that position can be adjusted so that the user can easily use the equipment. Therefore, dimension (W) will change accordingly.
Therefore, dimension (W) of the aforementioned series doesn’t include the dimension of monitor/keyboard/mouse.
③ Weight of equipment is the approximate weight.


Please consult us for any customization requirements.

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