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Mechanical and transfer technologies

Core Technology

Example of visual inspection equipment

We have the track record for many items such as single piece, rectangular, sheet, tape, large board, etc.

TAB tape,PCB substrate AOI,BGA・CSP,Semiconductor wafer,Lead frame

Sheet items, large board:Flatbed transfer

Printed board 610mm×610mm (we can also handle specially ordered sizes)
Ceramic board, metal board Same as above (we can also handle specially ordered sizes)
Semiconductor wafers Can be used in granite ultra-precision stage.

※ As option, we can also handle loader and unloader.

Printed board, sheet type work piece (flat head type)

AOI main unit,Verification equipment
  • Sensor based high precision focus tracking
  • High precision rotation correction mechanism (option)
  • Can support loader and unloader

Focus control (flat head type)

Variation amount:Height correction control amount
  • Tracking of focus is done while scanning
    >Fully automatic AF
  • Can also take images with 2μm resolution
  • Mounted in AOI

Rectangular work piece: Automatic feeding and ejection, magazine changer

Rectangular, frame shape: Fully automated feeding and ejection, magazine automated changer

BGA・CSP board 80mm×250mm standard (proven track record thin object of t=150μm)
Lead frame Same as above (magazine automatic changer is possible)

※ 1 or 2 cameras mounted on front and back

BGA・CSP Rectangular Board AVI


Reaction to automatic feeding and ejection (magazine based feeding)
The following 2 types are released

2×2 type

・Shooting front and back with two same lighting conditions (common lighting conditions for front and back)
・Camera: 2
・Camera pixels 12K (standard), 17K

General purpose type

・Shooting with independent cameras on front and back
・Camera: Up to 4
・Camera pixels 12K (standard), 17K

LF (lead frame)

・Reaction to automatic feeding, ejection (magazine based feeding)
・2 cameras on front, 1 camera on back (maximum)
・Automatic changer of magazine
・Fast machine tact (6 seconds and below)
・Supports extremely thin work pieces

*Actual inspection speed dependent on process

Roll to roll: Continuous elongated work piece

Roll shape film transfer

TAB tape W=35mm~160mm Continuous transfer (Contact-less focus sensor is mounted
Flexible board W=250mm~600mm  Step and repeat transfer

※ Can handle thin objects up to t=25μm

TAB tape: Most suitable transfer system for continuous high-speed inspection

  • Supports thin objects without transfer gear
  • Continuous transfer based on high precision rotor
  • Maximum 17K line camera x 8 nos.
  • Track record of over 100 units

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