Roll to Roll Seamless laser direct imager double-sided 『RD3000FB』

Achieves seamless double-sided simultaneous
of long FPCs

2022 Our research


RD3000FB Exterior


Features of RD3000FB

Simultaneous double-sided exposure expands the benefits

  • Double productivity by double-sided exposure
  • No need to align the front and back
  • No misalignment on the front and back surfaces even with long FPCs
  • Individual 2D codes can be exposed on all pieces on both sides
  • Smallest-in-class footprint

A new form of long FPC seamless exposure

The RD3000FB Series inherits the seamless, high-quality, high-speed exposure of long FPCs from the RD3000 series, and furthermore, it is the most advanced exposure system that realizes simultaneous exposure of both front and back sides of FPCs.

Image of double-side exposure

Exposure Sample

Examples of BMSs with the most inquiries

Battery management systems (BMS) are currently in the greatest demand as a replacement for FPCs in wiring harnesses used in automobiles.
The drive battery used in electric vehicles consists of dozens to hundreds of battery cells per vehicle, each of which is connected by wiring to control and monitor charging and discharging.
In the past, all cells were connected by wiring harnesses, but these are being replaced by FPCs to reduce weight and improve productivity.

Battery management systems (BMS)

Differences from conventional products

【 Conventional method 】

Exposure systems for electronics can only expose long FPCs in 60cm x 60cm units at the maximum, and since long FPCs are exposed using the step-and-repeat method, there is a quality risk at the joints. For double-sided FPCs, this process must be repeated twice, and there is a risk of misalignment between the front and back sides.


Seamless continuous exposure of up to 6 m is possible without stopping the conveyance of material, so no seams exist. In double-sided FPCs, it is necessary to expose the front and back twice with respect to the alignment mark, and there is a risk of misalignment. This means that there is a risk of misalignment.


Long seamless exposures are applied to both sides simultaneously, doubling productivity. No misalignment occurs because the same amount of positional compensation is applied to the front and back sides simultaneously.


     RD3000 RD3050 RD3000FB RD3050FB
Maximum exposure length 6m(It is possible to exceed 6m depending on the conditions)
Maximum material width (exposure width) 260mm(250mm) 520mm(500mm) 260mm(250mm) 520mm(500mm)
Double-sided/Single-sided Single-sided Double-sided
Exposure speed 20~35mm/s
Recommended photosensitive film RD-2015(Showa Denko)、RD-1215(Showa Denko)
ADH-156(Asahi Chemical)、ADC-151(Asahi Chemical)、AM-930(Elga Europe)
Minimum line / space 70μm/70μm
Light source wavelength 405nm Semiconductor laser
Data entry format RS-274X
Power-supply voltage AC200V 20A
Compressed air Oil-free & dry air 0.5MPa
Width x depth x height 2,400×1,310×2,115mm 2,550×1,650×2,115mm 2,550×1,310×2,115mm 2,550×1,650×2,115mm
Weight 1,950kg 2,500kg 2,150kg 2,700kg
Skip this area in foreign language(No translateion required) Seamless exposure of long FPCs.
Different 2D codes can be added piece by piece.
Smallest footprint in its class.