Customer support window

Paid service

We recommend / propose inspec maintenance service to ensure stable operation of the equipment and avoid various troubles.

  • Planned maintenance reduces the possibility of major repairs that may occur suddenly, and as a result, the total cost can be expected to be reduced.
  • It is possible to quickly respond to unexpected member failures.
  • It is possible to minimize the stopped state.
  • We will eliminate operational difficulties caused by various factors.

Maintenance service configuration

Inspec maintenance service

Periodic inspection

Maintaining equipment condition / safety

  • By performing regular inspections / checks, it is possible to always operate the equipment in the best condition.

Ensuring product life

  • Regular inspections / checks prevent sudden malfunctions, prevent equipment performance degradation, and moderate the overall deterioration rate of the equipment.

Operation training

Correspondence of new inspection target

  • It is a business trip service that jointly confirms whether the new product can be inspected.

Operational support

  • Support for hand-over work due to the movement of the person in charge, or retraining after introduction.

Maintenance contract

Take care by professional technician

  • The engineer in charge at the time of equipment startup will give priority to the response.

Free parts rental in case of failure

  • In the event of a component failure, we will lend the spare component free of charge.