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Inspection equipment and exposure equipment are introduced at the virtual exhibition.
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Each equipment can also be selected from the manufacturing process of the printed circuit board.
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productProduct list

Inspec equipment used in manufacturing process of flexible circuit board

  1. Attachment of copper foil

    Copper foil is attached to the base material.

    Photoresist lamination

    Laminate the photoresist for etching.

  2. Drilling

    Drill holes needed on the printed circuit board.

    RA7100 VIA・スルーホール検査
  3. Exposure

    A laser is irradiated to form a circuit.
    The dry film in the photosensitive area is cured.

    RD3000 ダイレクト露光
  4. Development

    Melt the unsensitized film to reveal the circuit pattern.

  5. Circuit pattern etching

    Leave only the circuit pattern and remove other copper foil.

  6. Adhesion of insulation layer

    Adhere the insulation layer except for the terminal adhesive area.

  7. Surface treatment (Plating, etc.)

    Plating treatment is applied to the exposed terminal area.
    Sheets are inspected by AV3600, and rolls are inspected by RA7100 and TV7200.

  8. Outline machining (Various punching)/ Electrical inspection

    Punching according to the blueprint to make individual products.
    Connection of the circuit is checked via electrical inspection.

    Crimping of reinforcing materials, component mounting, special machining/processing, final inspection.

    Insert reinforcing materials and mount the components.
    Final inspection and packing are carried out.

  9. Product shipment, Completion